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Friday Morning Pep Rally

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  • Sports - High School

    Crunch Time: October 29th

    Posted 10:17 PM 10/29/2014

    WESLACO - If you like high school football and music, then you've clicked on the right story. Check out the attached video to see the latest edition of "Crunch Time." The end of the regular season (More)

  • Sports - High School

    Monte Alto Girls Playoff Bound

    Posted 10:08 PM 10/29/2014

    MONTE ALTO - If you're a volleyball team that's had success year after year, reaching the playoffs isn't that big of a deal. For new programs though, just earning a postseason spot can be (More)

  • Sports

    Javi's Play

    Posted 10:25 PM 10/28/2014

    LOS FRESNOS - If you're a football fan, you know a touchdown is worth six points. That's what it says in the rule book. In this story though, a touchdown didn't count on the scoreboard. That was (More)

  • Sports - High School

    Dave's Dozen - October 27th

    Posted 12:50 AM 10/28/2014

    WESLACO - Just two weeks remain in the Valley football regular season.  The cream of the crop has risen to the top in the form of the top slots in the weekly poll of local teams.  Here's CHANNEL 5's Dave Brown with this week's edition of Dave's Dozen.

  • Sports - High School

    Tower Makeovers

    Posted 12:47 AM 10/28/2014

    McALLEN - A public utitlities project is underway in McAllen that should bring added pride to the city's three public high schools.  There's nothing like a new coat of paint to dress up the skyline. CHANNEL 5's Brandon Ortega reports.

  • Sports - High School

    First & Goal Final: October 24th

    Posted 10:53 PM 10/24/2014

    WESLACO - High school enrollments will become as relevant as district records for 6A and 5A Valley football teams over the next two weeks.  Both conferences send four teams to the playoffs (More)

  • Sports - High School

    First & Goal Friday: Week Nine

    Posted 10:26 PM 10/24/2014

    McALLEN - For the fifth straight season, the McAllen Memorial Mustangs are enjoying the spoils of victory that come from defeating city rival McAllen.  The Mustangs jumped out with 35 first (More)

  • Sports - High School

    First & Goal Thursday: October 23rd

    Posted 11:49 PM 10/23/2014

    PHARR - Continuity appears to have gone out the window when it comes to 31-6A football this season.  On Thursday night, Weslaco evened its season record at 4-and-4, but pulled into a first (More)

  • Sports - High School

    What's Dave Watching?

    Posted 11:46 PM 10/23/2014

    WESLACO - CHANNEL 5's Dave Brown has found another example of the glass being half empty, as opposed to half full in a Valley football game.  At least, that's how he sees it.  Dave (More)

  • Sports - High School

    Ring of Fire

    Posted 11:39 PM 10/23/2014

    RIO HONDO - It's a football drill that would make country music legend Johnny Cash proud.  In Rio Hondo, part of the weekly practice routine includes some time in the "Ring of Fire."  CHANNEL 5's Brandon Ortega explains.

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Sports Box - Quick Notes

2014 Football Records

McA. Mem. (4-0/7-1), Palmview (4-0/6-1-1), 
McAllen (4-1/6-3), Rowe (2-3/3-6),  
La Joya (1-3/2-6), Juarez-Lincoln (0-4/0-8),
Mission (0-4/1-7) 

Wes. East (3-1/7-1), Weslaco (3-1/4-4),
PSJA North (3-2/4-5), Ed. North (2-2/4-4),
PSJA Mem. (2-3/4-4), Edinburg (1-3/2-6),
Economedes (1-3/3-5)

San Benito (5-0/6-2), Los Fresnos (3-2/5-3),
Vet. Mem. (
3-2/5-3), Harlingen (3-2/4-4),
Rivera (3-2/3-5), Hanna (2-3/3-4)
Harl. South (1-4/2-6), Lopez (0-5/0-8)

Sharyland (4-0/7-1), Vela (4-1/8-1),
Vet. Mem. (3-1/6-2), Valley View (1-3/1-7),
Rio Grande City (1-3/2-6), Roma (1-3/3-4-1),
Pioneer (1-4/3-6)

Mercedes (5-0/7-1), Ed.-Elsa (4-1/5-3)
PSJA SW (3-2/5-3), Donna (3-2/4-3),
PSJA (2-3/4-4), Pace (2-3/3-5)
Porter (1-4/2-6), Donna North (0-5/0-8)

16-4A D1: 
Kingsville (2-0/4-4), La Feria (2-1/6-2),
Zapata (1-1/6-2), Grulla (1-1/1-6),
Hidalgo (0-3/1-8)

16-4A D2:
Orange Grove (3-0/7-1), Rio Hondo (2-1/6-2)
Port Isabel (2-1/7-1), Raymondville (2-1/5-3),
Progreso (0-3/1-7), West Oso (0-3/1-7)

16-3A D1: 
San Diego (3-0/6-2), Lyford (2-1/3-5), 
Aransas Pass (1-2/4-4),
Falfurrias (1-2/3-5)
Bishop (0-3/0-8), Santa Rosa (2-1/5-3)

16-3A D2: 
Cotulla (1-0/2-4), Dilley (1-0/2-7)
Hebbronville (1-0/6-2), Monte Alto (0-2/2-5),
Freer (1-1/1-6)

16-2A D1: 
Three Rivers (2-0/7-0), London (1-1/6-1)
Ben Bolt (2-1/6-2), Riviera (2-1/4-2)
La Villa (1-2/2-6), Santa Maria (0-3/3-5)