• Infinite Properties Fraud Operators Sentenced to Federal Prison

    The trio was also ordered to pay more than $1.8 million in restitution.

  • Hard Money Lender Takes Thousands from Valley Homebuyers

    The victims said they don't know if they will ever get their money back.

  • Special Report: A Last Hope

    A local family made the decision to move to another state to help their daughter’s medical condition.

  • Investigation: Your Life for Sale

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS easily accessed a server containing tens of thousands of names, addresses and Social Security numbers without the need of a password.

  • Investigation: RGV Homeowners Restless Over Alleged Real Estate Fraud

    One woman paid nearly $20,000 in cash to a company accused of defrauding many homeowners.

  • Special Report: Without A Name

    As per Texas law, unidentified remains are required to be investigated.

  • Special Report: Gaps along Border Fence

    The border fence gaps can either help improve security or let criminal activity in.

  • Special Report: Life in the Gaps

    The possibility of building a wall on the border weighs heavily on those that live so close. 

  • Investigation: RGV Home Buyers Fall Victim to Housing Industry Fraud

    Hidalgo County records provided a paper trail of transactions that led to the same Mission subdivision.

  • Investigation: Valley Families Fall Victim to Home Financing Scheme

    Some residents are winding up in debt after trying to invest in their dream home. 

  • Special Report: Family Offers Look into Life in an Hidalgo County Colonia

    The couple waits each day to see if work is available. 

  • Special Report: RGV Residents Living in Communities Without Basic Provisions

    The definition of a colonia varies from state and local agencies. 

  • Special Report: Man Risks Life Sharing Reports Online

    Social media accounts share reports of violence in Reynosa.

  • Special Report: Diabetes on the Edge

    A lack of nutritional education could be contributing to a Valley epidemic.

  • Special Report: Safe Haven

    A small town in Texas is deemed a sanctuary city. The mayor said no plan in place for removing the protective ordinance.

  • Special Report: Public Housing Plus

    Families above the poverty level are living off of the public’s tax dollars.

  • Special Report: Night Patrol

    Gaps in border security are present in the Rio Grande Valley, especially at night when fewer protectors are on the clock.

  • I-Team Report: LNG Under Pressure Part 1

    Three industrial projects could change the lives of Cameron County residents forever. Investors want to build huge liquefied natural gas terminals along the Brownsville Ship Channel.

  • I-Team Report: LNG Under Pressure Part 2

    Residents have plenty at stake, as the government begins to evaluate LNG projects in the Rio Grande Valley. Those who are wondering what to expect during the process may only have to look a little to the north.

  • Special Report: Dirty Little Secret

    The Weslaco Police Department formed a special unit that works to clean the streets of narcotics. They said they've uncovered dealers in neighborhoods near schools. They work to expose the Valley's dirty little secret.

  • Ticket Trouble

    The city of Hidalgo has a little loophole when it comes to traffic tickets. One man in charge said he wants to give people a break and taking it upon himself to change their tickets.

  • Special Report: Trust Trashed

    Three years after his fall from grace, Jonathan Trevino spoke out about his time in the Panama Unit. Officers from the Panama Unit were each convicted of protecting drug loads, stealing cash and drugs from dealers and selling what they could for profit.

  • Special Report: Officers in Jeopardy

    CHANNEL 5 NEWS is tracking new concerns on our border. Federal officers are unable to perform their jobs. We wanted to know why.

  • Special Report: Protect Yourself

    The state of Texas is on a manhunt for unlicensed electricians and A/C repairmen. The largest undercover sting operation in Texas took place in the Rio Grande Valley.

  • Damage after the Storm

    Lawyers and insurance companies are in a head to head battle. Thousands of underpaid insurance claim payments are flooding Valley courtrooms.

  • Drone Law Loophole Leaves out RGV

    The exception in the law was intended for law enforcement, but lawmakers never fixed the mistake. State lawmakers do not meet again until 2017.

  • Special Report: Living Witness

    Before the horror in Houston, before the end of watch for so many, before the now active alert for police to watch their six, David Rucker and Enrique Carrisalez died, 34 years ago.

  • At the Mercy of Strangers

    A man said nursing home workers blocked access to his brother for years. After his brother was transferred to another facility, someone continued to withdraw money from his benefits account.

  • Beyond the Backyard

    Some McAllen residents are concerned about noise, vibrations and odor from a nearby natural gas well. The current McAllen ordinance allows commissioners to approve a drilling permit without a public hearing.

  • Auditors Discover More Discrepancies in Weslaco Paper Trail

    In May, CHANNEL 5 NEWS led an investigation—The Paper Trail— that exposed major flaws in Weslaco’s crime reports. State auditors discovered more than just mislabeled crime reports and disappearing drug seizures.

  • Reliving A Dark Day

    Twenty-one students died in Alton after a soft drink truck hit their bus. 

  • Investigation: Paper Trail

    The new Weslaco police chief and the state are taking a closer look into the department's crime reports. CHANNEL 5 NEWS found discrepancies in the city's crime reports. The reports impact laws and law enforcement funding.

  • Special Report: Sicario

    A sicario is a hitman who is trained to fight and trained to kill. One man shares his story of his life as a hitman for the cartel and what pulled him out.

  • Special Report: Paying the Price

    Many people know the price of making the dangerous journey into the U.S. illegally. It often costs them their life savings and others pay with their lives.

  • Trafficked: Web of Despair

    The CHANNEL 5 NEWS I-Team spent almost a year uncovering challenges law enforcement faces, talking to trafficking victims and discovering ways the public can help identify crime that may be happening right in front of them.