Teach the Children

Funds are raised to furnish new clothing and school supplies for needy children entering the first grade. Enlisting the aid of various businesses and individuals to hold fundraising events, CHANNEL 5 NEWS works hand-in-hand with each sponsor to realize success, producing on-air promotions and participating in the events themselves.

Community Action Program West/Teach the Children is a 501c3 charity and has no administration costs. This means that 100% of the donations raised directly benefit the children. Each year the program is finalized with a telethon where sponsors are thanked and additional monies are raised by phone in donations. After 34 years we have raised $5,246,509 and helped over 230,123 children.

For information on how an organization or business can hold a fund-raising event to benefit Community Action Program West/Teach the Children contact Jerry Lee Berg at 956-968-5555 ext 5505.


TEACH THE CHILDREN began in San Antonio, Texas in 1976, when Nick Monreal Jr. realized there was a tremendous need in the school system. After more than six years he led sponsors in providing school supplies and clothing for 9,160 needy children. TEACH THE CHILDREN was then offered to CHANNEL 5 NEWS and we enthusiastically accepted the concept and began the project in January of 1983.


TEACH THE CHILDREN'S goal is to provide new clothing and school supplies for as many needy children each year as is financially possible. Our method of fund raising relies solely upon our own projects and those sponsored by Valley businesses and individuals who work closely with us. All of this, of course, is on a volunteer basis. There are not paid administrators or workers in this project.

How to become a TEACH THE CHILDREN sponsor?

Contact Jerry Lee Berg at (956) 968-5555 ext. 5505 for sponsorship opportunities.

How to make donations to TEACH THE CHILDREN?

Business sponsors hold various events across the Valley in which the proceeds benefit TEACH THE CHILDREN. By supporting these events, you are contributing to TEACH THE CHILDREN. If you would like to make donations, you can mail them to:

P.O. Box 5
Weslaco, TX 78599-0005

How to become a recipient of TEACH THE CHILDREN?

TEACH THE CHILDREN is for first graders only and they must qualify with their school district to become a recipient. Contact your school counselor to find out if you qualify.

How much money has TEACH THE CHILDREN raised? How many children has it served?

TEACH THE CHILDREN has raised $5,2136,704 and served more than 219,523 children.