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E-Cigarettes Used to Smoke Hemp Oil

Posted 8:52 PM 8/14/2014

PHARR - The popularity of e-cigarettes is offering criminals a way to hide their illegal trade.

If you step inside here your nose will tell you this isn't your father's cigar lounge.

Flavored oils fill tiny reservoirs. The oils have different levels of nicotine. Shop workers claim (More)...

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Yturria Ranch to Arm Employees

Posted 10:37 PM 8/12/2014

WILLACY COUNTY - One of the largest ranches in South Texas is planning to arm its employees after several encounters with armed smugglers.

Dr. Frank Yturria, 91, said he has never seen so many smugglers trekking through his spread of land as he has seen this summer.

The Yturria (More)...

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