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LATV in the Rio Grande Valley

LATV is a unique and culturally innovative new network, featuring first-run, live performances by top artists from different parts of the Latin World and entertainment industry.

LATV. It's music. It's culture. It's a lifestyle.

AVAILABLE ON: Digital Channel 5.2 and Time Warner 876

How to Watch LATV

LATV can be seen on Digital 5.2.

That means if you are...

  • Using a Television with a Digital Tuner
    Just add an antenna and tune in to channel 5.2
  • A Time Warner Cable Subscriber
    Customers with any tier of sevice with a digital cable box can watch LATV on channel 876.
  • Using an Analog TV
    You'll need an digital converter box and an antenna. Tune in to channel 5.2.

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