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Agents Arrest Sex Offenders in the Valley

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Posted: May 12, 2014 10:15 PM

EDINBURG - U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley Sector have arrested nearly 180 illegal immigrants with prior convictions for sex offenses so far for fiscal year 2014.

The fiscal year began Oct. 1, 2013, and goes through Sept. 31, 2014.

The majority of the sex offenders have convictions for sexual assault crimes involving children, officials said.

In addition to the arrests of convicted sex offenders, agents apprehended three illegal immigrants who have arrest warrants for sex-related crimes. The arrests happened over the weekend.

The three suspects include: one Mexican national wanted in Fort Worth on a continuous child sex abuse charge; a Salvadoran wanted by the Loudan, County Sheriff's Office, in Virginia, on a charge of adultery - fornication - incest with a child 13-17 years; and another Mexican national wanted by the Travis County Sheriff's Office on a charge of indecency with a child - sexual contact. The three men were turned over to the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office pending extradition.

Additionally, agents have arrested more than 50 members of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, or MS-13, a notorious transnational criminal gang that started in Los Angeles, and about 14 members of the 18th Street gang.

The Rio Grande Valley Sector is part of the South Texas Campaign, which leverages federal, state and local resources to combat transnational criminal organizations. To report suspicious activity, call the sector's toll-free telephone number at 800-863-9382.

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