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BC-Sunday Spotlight,ADVISORY

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Posted: Apr 6, 2013 7:12 AM

Updated: Apr 6, 2013 7:12 AM


This story will move Saturday as this weekend's Sunday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:


SALT LAKE CITY Troy James Knapp was a fugitive mountain man who spent six years on the run in the Utah wilderness, often sneaking into people's cabins when they abandoned them for the winter. Authorities say the 45-year-old wilderness survivalist would hole up in the cabins, sleep in the owners' beds, then steal their belongings and retreat into the woods during the summer and live off the land by eating dandelions and wild game that he killed himself. He dodged authorities time and again, his myth as the so-called "cabin burglar" growing with each near-miss, each wanted poster distributed by authorities, each taunting threat from him to law enforcement. The hunt ended this week, with a team of 14 officers approaching him on snowshoes the only way to sneak up on him and cornering the bearded and camouflage-clad fugitive. Now in police custody, Knapp is telling authorities how he managed to evade them for so long. By Paul Foy.

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