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Board Members Absent from Edcouch-Elsa ISD Meeting

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Posted: Nov 15, 2012 9:27 PM

Updated: Nov 15, 2012 11:57 PM

HIDALGO COUNTY - The Edcouch-Elsa Independent School District has six new board members.

They were elected almost two weeks ago, but were not sworn in at Wednesday meeting. The problem was that the outgoing members did not show up. The board needs at least two board members to make the vote official.

The incoming board members were greeted by a cheering crowd.

"All six of us were there ... waiting, they were a no show ... nobody showed up. Now, in order for the process to take place, we need at least two board members, two current board members to be present for the canvassing of the votes to make the votes official. We gave them 15 minutes as of board policy, 15 minutes came and they were a no show," Mark Lozano said. He is one of the newly elected board members.

The board president, Juan Ybarra Jr., also was not present. He still presides over the board.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the board president's place of work to get answers, but he had left for the day.

Only one board member, Richard Ozuna, answered CHANNEL 5 NEWS' calls.

"What I heard was that a lot of them were out of town. It was just not a good day, and I myself was working," Ozuna said.

The new board members said they will take legal action if necessary.

"It's going to force them to be at the meeting on Monday, if not they will face legal penalty or a court hearing Tuesday," Lozano said.

Ozuna said he would be at Monday's meeting.

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