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Cameron County Constable Race Decided by Seven Votes

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Posted: Nov 28, 2012 6:32 PM

Updated: Nov 28, 2012 7:03 PM

BROWNSVILLE - A Cameron County constable race is raising some questions about what happened to dozens of votes.

A recount yielded a narrow, seven-vote victory for Pedro "Pete" Delgadillo in the Cameron County Precinct 1 constable race.

Workers spent 16 hours recounting the ballots by hand this week. Just two weeks ago, incumbent Horacio Zamora was declared the winner by three votes.

The recount showed 40 fewer votes than the initial count.

"This is not unique. We see it here because we live here and experience it everyday, but I don't believe this is unique to Cameron County. I believe there are voter and election issues everywhere you go," Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said.

Zamora supporters blamed the issues on mail-in ballots and early votes. They believe some votes may have been missed.

"I saw some precincts were right on. Others did have some fluctuation three to five votes. At the end of the day, the manual count is supposed to be the most accurate," Cascos said.

Elections Coordinator Roger Ortiz would not comment on the results.

Cascos said he doesn't think election workers did anything wrong.

"Everything was done in the open. Everybody was writing down numbers and when it got totaled up there was a change," Cascos said.

Zamora still has a legal recourse; he can file a lawsuit to ask for another recount.

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