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Charity Tries to Recover After Burglaries

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Posted: Jan 9, 2013 6:27 PM

Updated: Jan 9, 2013 7:30 PM

RIO GRANDE CITY - Directors of the Community Action Council of South Texas say they now know who burglarized their offices in November.

The suspects were arrested days ago. The teens accused of breaking in and stealing everything most likely benefited from the organization's work, officials said.

The council helps impoverished Starr County residents by providing meals and other services. The suspects are accused of stealing computers and other equipment, police said. Now workers must share a nearly decade-old computer to do their jobs.

"The only things they were able to recover for us were the monitors for the six to seven computers that we are still missing," CACST Director Juan Cantu said.

The thieves destroyed what they didn't take, Cantu said.

Police said the alleged thieves live near the charity's offices.

"It turns out that these are local kids. These aren't kids coming across from Mexico and doing this to us and running across the border. They were apprehended here, kids that live in our community. It's sad," Cantu said.

Nearby neighbors were surprised that someone among them could steal from the ones who help them.

"That place is very important because they help people that need help," a woman named Mary said. "They did wrong. Parents need to watch their kids."

"Unfortunately, there is no trace of our hardware - the computers and cameras. We're having to make do with what we have," Cantu said.

He said only one person offered to help them. A man from Mission donated a scanner and a printer.

"Hopefully, they'll come across the hardware that we lost," Cantu said.

Police said the teens arrested in the case will be charged with burglary.

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