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Chimney Park Residents React to Chase

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Posted: Dec 6, 2012 3:40 PM

Updated: Dec 6, 2012 4:11 PM

MISSION - The turbulent Rio Grande waters prevented divers from retrieving a pickup truck from the depths of the waterway near Chimney Park in Mission.

Divers said it was too dangerous to attempt the retrieval.

Chimney Park residents on Thursday talked about the incident.

The truck's driver steered the vehicle into the river during his flight from the law. The chase began in Palmview.

"I told my husband the good Lord was sure watching down on me," a park resident said. She was about to cross the suspect's path when a friend stopped her, and perhaps saved her life.

"I sat and talked with her for a few minutes. Her husband came running back and said we had this happen. I got to thinking about it and I thought, ‘Oh my heavens, I would have been in the road when the truck flew over the speed bump," she said.

"We got here just after all of the action. And I wouldn't have liked to be in the way ... if there was a high-speed chase on the dike or anything. We would have just pulled over," Chimney Park resident Judith Hanson said.

Witnesses said people on the Mexican side helped the driver escape U.S. authorities.

A dive team with the Mission Fire Department went into the water Thursday to retrieve the truck.

"The Border Patrol that uses the boat ramp... The vehicle landed right in proximity to the boat ramp so our primary concern was that we made the ramp accessible to the Border Patrol and any other law enforcement that uses that ramp," Palmview Police Investigator Saul Uvalle said.

Palmview police said they will call a Texas Department of Public Safety dive team to see if they can retrieve the truck.

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