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Commando Frees 12 from Miguel Aleman Prison

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Posted: Feb 26, 2013 3:06 PM

Updated: Feb 26, 2013 3:31 PM

MIGUEL ALEMAN - State of Tamaulipas officials on Tuesday reported the escape of 12 inmates from a Miguel Aleman prison.

Fifteen armed men stormed the prison and overpowered the guard at the main gate. The commando held the watch commander at gunpoint as they freed the inmates.

Two of the inmates were serving sentences for murder. Eight had been accused of working as lookouts for organized crime groups. One was jailed for a rape and another for car theft.

Miguel Aleman police, the Mexican military, Tamaulipas state police and Mexican federal police are trying to locate the escapees.

Miguel Aleman is across the border from Roma.

The commando freed the following men:

• Horacio Puente Alfaro (homicide).
• Daniel Alberto Solís Trejo (homicide).
• Enrique de la Peña Sáenz.
• Alberto Campos Gordillo.
• José Ramírez del Angel.
• Jaime Rodríguez Hernández.
• Patricio Gerardo Alvarez Sánchez.
• Víctor Hugo Alonso Alvarado.
• Miguel Angel González Malpica.
• Roberto y/o Rodolfo López Cortés.
• Juan Carlos Coronado Vázquez.
• Mario Esteban Urbano Vázquez.

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