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Doctor: Prescription Forgery on the Rise

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Posted: Nov 9, 2012 6:15 PM

Updated: Nov 9, 2012 7:07 PM

CAMERON COUNTY - A Port Isabel woman is behind bars accused of forging a prescription to purchase drugs at two pharmacies.

State investigators said the woman, Marissa Gonzalez, wrote the prescriptions using her doctor's name. She was charged with five counts of fraud.

Gonzalez tried to purchase Vicodin at two pharmacies in the Laguna Madre area. The doctor told Texas Department of Public Safety investigators he never prescribed the drugs.

A Brownsville doctor said prescription forgery is on the rise.

Dr. Lorenzo Pelly said he knows what his colleague is going through. Patients have used his name several times to forge prescriptions for Vicodin.

"I had a lady who forged a prescription of mine when I wasn't working. I was not working that day. The pharmacist called and said: ‘You prescribed 400 Vicodin?' I said ‘400 Vicodin?'" Pelly said.

Pelly said addiction is fueling the crime.

"It makes them feel good. It's very addictive ... it's the brain that asks you for more," Pelly said.

Pelly said more patients are asking for pain medication. If they can't get it legally they'll resort to drug dealers, he said.

"It's huge. The problem is huge. There are a lot of Michael Jackson wannabes. A lot of people get addicted to drugs and they want more and more and more," Pelly said.

Pelly said he is using technology to curb the problem. He is using e-mail to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies.

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