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Ex-Marine's Release from Mexican Prison Expected Today

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Posted: Dec 21, 2012 11:39 AM

Updated: Dec 21, 2012 4:41 PM

WESLACO - The lawyer for Jon Hammar, a Marine imprisoned in Matamoros, sent out a tweet saying he'll be bringing Hammar home today.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson also released a statement announcing the expected release.

Mexican authorities arrested Hammar four months ago. The 27-year-old was stopped at the border, because he had his great-grandfather's shotgun. Despite declaring it, he was put in prison.

"It's the smallest shotgun... no hard kick... only shoots one shot," said Hammar's father.

An aide to a legal representative of the Mexican attorney general's office told Nelson's staff about the pending release this morning, after the senator's office got word from the former Marine's mother.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS has a crew getting the very latest details on this story.

Below is the entire message posted by Hammar's attorney, Eddie Varon Levy:

As promised , I am bringing Jon home today. It took a great team effort, but most important, the confidence Jon's family had in me all the time, even at times of despair, an to the new administration of President of México, Enrique Pena Nieto @EPN, and his Attorney General, Jesus Murillo Karam @MurilloKaram, who stated that this goverment would support the rule of law. This is so, because in light of the talks that we had just prior to the swearing in of the new Attorney General, and the publicity surrounding this case, we were able to convince the Attorney General NOT to appeal the ruling and to immediately have the ruling go into effect without any stay of execution.

As we speak, I am on my way to pick Jon up. More to come later. Merry Christmas to all if us. Great job and God bless you.

Eddie Varon Levy

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