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Falcon Lake Incident Highlights Interagency Cooperation

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Posted: Feb 1, 2013 6:38 PM

Updated: Feb 1, 2013 7:22 PM

ZAPATA COUNTY - Law enforcement presence surged along the shores of Falcon Lake Friday after reports of a firefight just across the border from Zapata County.

Federal, state and county authorities closed ranks in the area to prevent the violence from spilling over onto U.S. soil.

Officials said it took a coordinated effort to bring all the agencies together to the nation's front lines. Such cooperation had not been possible in the past.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported for years about the lack of communication between federal and local authorities. Those problems are a thing of the past, Zapata County Chief Deputy Sheriff Raymundo del Bosque Jr. said.

"We work together," he said.

"We take preventative measures to take care of the county and the surrounding counties on the border," Del Bosque said.

"As long as everybody does their job, the U.S. is going to be safe," Del Bosque said.

That message was echoed through to the federal level.

"The cooperation between both state and local law enforcement really played the key role in this situation. Every situation like this is the same; we want to make sure the communities are safe," Border Patrol Public Affairs Agent Efrain Perez said.

Border Patrol agents and Zapata County officials confirmed no one breached the border during or after the firefight.

It wasn't long before smugglers resumed their activities in the area. Zapata County deputies caught a load of drugs along the river banks around noon.

"There are narcotics every time. That's a separate issue within another investigation," Del Bosque said.

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