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Former Mexican President Blames U.S. for Drug War

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Posted: Dec 2, 2011 2:00 PM

Updated: Dec 13, 2011 12:36 PM

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox said the drug war along our border is not his country's fault. He blames the United States.

The former president says it comes down to supply and demand, and the demand for drugs is huge on our side of the border. He says stopping smugglers from coming across these bridges begins with stopping our addiction. Fox says the drug war is about more than the cartels fighting for control.

"We don't deserve to be where we are; it is not even our problem," says Fox.

He places at least some of the blame on the United States. He tells ABC affiliate WFAA TV in Dallas that Mexico doesn't consume drugs like America does. He even suggested we consider legalizing drugs.

"This nation has to think about legalization of drugs or take the decision to stop drug consumption. If you don't consume drugs here, our problem is solved. We're doing our part; we are paying with 50,000 dead here," says Fox.

There have been 50,000 lives lost as the cartels struggle to maintain their smuggling routes and respond to crackdowns by the Mexican government.

Fox called for increased cooperation between the United States and Mexico to stop what he called "the free flow of weapons and ammunitions south of the border."

Legislation is pending in Congress to increase the number of southbound inspections at international bridges. The ATF says it believes the majority of guns going into Mexico are being crossed at international bridges.

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