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Posted: Feb 28, 2013 3:46 PM

Updated: Feb 28, 2013 3:46 PM

WACO, Texas (AP) Many of the federal agents involved in the botched raid on the Branch Davidians compound have gathered in Waco to remember the four agents killed 20 years ago. The firefight between Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents and the Davidians began a 51-day standoff that ended in the fiery deaths of about 80 more sect members, including two-dozen children.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) Advocates for enhanced mental health care are taking their cause to the state Capitol. At an outdoor rally today, a bipartisan group of lawmakers spoke in support of more funding for treatment programs. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Texas spends $39 per capita on mental health services every year compared to a national average of $121. Only Idaho spends less.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The Texas House has unanimously passed a resolution honoring slain former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Waxahachie Republican Representative Jim Pitts says Kyle, who authored the best-selling book "American Sniper," ''was clearly dedicated to the idea of putting others first." Kyle's widow Taya Kyle was among those who gathered in front of the House today.

CHICAGO (AP) The cancer charity founded by Lance Armstrong is changing its annual day of action as a step toward charting its own course without its founder. The Livestrong Foundation made the announcement today in Chicago at its first annual meeting since the Austin-based cyclist's admission he used performance-enhancing drugs.

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