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Posted: Apr 19, 2013 4:19 AM

Updated: Apr 19, 2013 4:19 AM

WEST, Texas (AP) Residents in the Central Texas town of West are heading toward the weekend hoping they'll be allowed back into their homes after Wednesday night's massive blast and explosion at a fertilizer plant. Investigators are being tight-lipped about the number of dead in the town of 2,800 after initially saying as many as 15 people may have been killed.

KAUFMAN, Texas (AP) A sheriff says investigators probing the slayings of two Texas prosecutors got their big break in the case after getting a tip about a storage unit that contained guns and a vehicle that were tied to the crimes. That helped them unravel what they contend was a meticulous revenge plot against the Kaufman County district attorney and a top assistant.

BAY JIMMY, La. (AP) Three years after the nation's worst oil spill, the Gulf Coast appears healthy. But scientists and environmentalists say they're worried problems may lurk below the surface. That's because the long-term environmental damage still isn't fully known and will likely be debated for years.

WACO, Texas (AP) Survivors of the 51-day standoff at the Branch Davidians' Central Texas compound will gather at a Waco museum today for a memorial service to mark the 20th anniversary of the fire. Several women and children left the compound during the standoff, before 80 sect members died on April 19th, 1993.

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