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Posted: May 8, 2014 4:11 AM

Updated: May 8, 2014 4:11 AM

DALLAS (AP) A Dallas man whose sentence of probation for raping a 14-year-old schoolmate sparked public outrage is due to appear before a new judge in the case to learn the conditions of his freedom. Sir Young admitted to raping the girl at their Dallas high school. State District Judge Jeanine Howard recused herself from the case after drawing widespread criticism for sentencing Young to 5 years of probation.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) A man wanted in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme in Lubbock has been arrested in New Mexico. They say Adam Rico is wanted in an alleged murder-for-hire scheme in Lubbock that reported targeted a Texas law enforcement officer. Authorities say Rico also is wanted on suspicion of arson and aggravated assault on a police officer.

GEORGETOWN, Texas (AP) Central Texas police have arrested a man accused of using a fraudulent credit card at a Target department store. Police say Guo Xing Chen's activities were initially suspected of being tied to the huge Target credit data breach last year. Police say it's not believed he's responsible for initiating the Target data breach.

NEW YORK (AP) Amazon is expanding its Sunday package delivery service to six Texas cities. Amazon first rolled out the service as part of a new deal with the U.S. Postal Service in November to New York and Los Angeles. Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco and College Station will get the service.

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