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Posted: May 15, 2014 4:11 AM

Updated: May 15, 2014 4:11 AM

SAN ANTONIO (AP) A Texas judge has rejected a push by state officials to block a same-sex couple's divorce and child-custody case from proceeding. State District judge Barbara Nellermoe set a custody hearing for the fight between Kristi and Allison Flood Lesh over custody of their daughter. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's office argues that there could be no divorce since the Texas Constitution bans same-sex marriages.

DALLAS (AP) The Texas State Fire Marshal's Office plans to present the findings of its investigation into the deaths of first-responders in last year's explosion of a fertilizer plant. A federal investigation concluded that the firefighters didn't know enough about what they faced inside the plant. It was storing 40 to 60 tons of ammonium nitrate. It's a fertilizer that's also an industrial explosive.

EL PASO, Texas (AP) The trial of a man authorities say was a bodyguard to a drug cartel leader is underway. Federal prosecutor John Johnston says witnesses and evidence will show Rigoberto Ruiz Alatorre smuggled drugs into the U.S. for Gabino Salas Valenciano and killed a man in New Mexico. Salas Valenciano is believed to have run the Sinaloa drug cartel's operations.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) University of Texas System regents are postponing some decisions on proposed tuition hikes. Regents approved raising tuition for out-of-state students at UT campuses yesterday but expressed reservations about higher costs for Texas residents. A proposal would push the average semester costs for in-state undergraduates past $5,000 at the flagship UT-Austin campus.

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