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Illegal Immigrant on Edge as DPS Patrols Increase

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Posted: Jun 30, 2014 7:00 PM

Updated: Jun 30, 2014 8:52 PM

HARLINGEN - An illegal immigrant fears the increased presence of Texas Department of Public Safety troopers in the Rio Grande Valley may cost him his livelihood.

The man said he also fears for his family's wellbeing.

"I crossed for the first time in 2000 and (again) in 2003," the man said.

The man, known only as Jesus, is from El Salvador.

"My experiences are very sad. The first time I crossed it was sad and fast. I waited a few days at someone's house," he said.

Authorities deported him after he crossed the first time.

"Border Patrol arrested me and took me to jail for four months. They put me in several different jails here in the Valley and then they move you to other facilities ... Atlanta, New York," he said.

He crossed into the Valley again to be with his family.

"The second time was more difficult. I was kidnapped for 10 days. They extorted my family for $10,000 so that I could go free," he said.

Jesus said his wife and two of his four children live here illegally.

"I want my kids to live in a good society and have a good education. That's what I want," he said.

The increase in DPS patrols worries him.

Jesus said he knows he shouldn't be here, but it is a risk he's willing to take.

Jesus said the wave of illegals coming in now make him look bad.

"People have an image of Hispanics ... of them wanting to live off the government. My obligation is to work for my family," he said.

Jesus said he will return if he is deported again.

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