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List Shows Illegal Immigrants Preparing for Border Patrol Questions

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Posted: Jun 25, 2014 6:46 PM

Updated: Jun 30, 2014 3:03 PM

WESLACO - People crossing the border illegally are getting prepped for questions they'll get once they reach the United States.

A Border Patrol agent stationed in the Rio Grande Valley sent CHANNEL 5 NEWS a photo of a piece of paper with the list of questions. The list is in Spanish and typed.

Questions include:
Do you have family in the United States?
Have you ever lived here?
Is this the first time you've entered this country?
Did someone tell you if you brought a minor that you could enter the United States?

CHANNEL 5 NEWS showed the photo of the list to Oscar Saldana, a Border Patrol spokesman. He said agents are trained to interview every detained immigrant to find the real answers to their questions.

"If an agent feels there is more to the story of that individual... yeah, they're going to go more in depth as far as the interview and look at the documents and look at any type of what we call pocket trash," he explained.

The last question listed is particularly important. Thousands of people, including unaccompanied children and families, are crossing the border into the Rio Grande Valley and turning themselves in. The federal government is now scrambling to open new detention centers to hold them all. Federal authorities are also trying to combat the message that unaccompanied children and people crossing with children will be given a free ticket into the U.S.

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