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McAllen Library Offers Genealogical Resources

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Posted: Feb 15, 2013 6:48 PM

Updated: Feb 15, 2013 6:55 PM

McALLEN - The McAllen Public Library offers many resources for those interested in researching their genealogical roots.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS' Melissa Correa researched her own family history to find out how easy it would be to track past relatives.

"The easiest way to start is with the 1940s census," McAllen Public Library Research Librarian Julia Reed said.

Correa started searching for her paternal grandfather.

"His name was Rumaldo Correa, you said?" Reed asked.

A few clicks later his information was on the computer screen. A few more clicks led to the reporter's great-grandfather.

The research eventually led to Domingo Correa.

"He was your great-great-grandfather. You'll see that it's spelled differently. It's not that they actually spelled it differently, it's whoever was taking the census," Reed said.

The research revealed a long list of Correas born and raised along the waters of the Rio Grande.

"It looks like your family has been here in South Texas for a long time," Reed said.

The search hit a roadblock when Reed researched the reporter's maternal great-great-grandmother.

"Usually what you need to do to trace women's lineage is that you need to find the marriage records," Reed said.

The search revealed border-crossing manifestos and how the reporter's great-great-grandmother was a missionary when she crossed into Mexico as a single woman. She married, had children and crossed back to the United States.

"You never know what you can uncover. What mysteries you might solve," Reed said.

The online research tools at the library are available free of charge.

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