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Parents Helping With Education

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Posted: Jun 22, 2012 10:06 AM

Updated: Jun 22, 2012 10:10 AM

We all hope that our children get the best possible education. But all education experts agree it all begins at home.

Their daughter who was chosen to be part of the leadership council for Region One GEAR UP.

They come from Region Two and traveled all the way from Falfurrias to support their daughter at this GEAR UP event in Edinburg.

They are so proud to be the parents of a GEAR UP student.

Gene Rodriguez says "this is the first year that we have been exposed to the GEAR UP program and finding it to be a very unique program for kids that gives them an idea on how to get things accomplished with their studies and how to make it on to college."

Most kids would prefer to keep their parents at home, but not Vanessa. She's happy her parents support her dreams about going to college.

Vanessa Rodriguez says "that they support me with the GEAR UP program and organization that contributes to education to all of us and informs us about college."

Dad says that's the whole reason they are here to make sure their daughter and son get the best education possible.

Here, we are interested in what is offered as an education opportunity for both our kids. She has a twin brother we are very excited about their future and all aspects of their education," says Gene.

Having her parents at this GEAR UP event and being chosen to represent her school makes Vanessa feel really special.

Vanessa says "Yes..it makes me feel very intelligent that I based on the criteria that I was chosen and all the doors that can open for me in the future."

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