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Police Looking for Suspect in Stripes Robbery

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Posted: Feb 10, 2012 4:29 PM

Updated: Feb 10, 2012 5:43 PM

HARLINGEN - Police in Harlingen are looking for a man who pulled a knife on the manager of a Stripes store. The robber got away with $25,000.

The robbery happened Thursday. The Stripes manager came out of the door on the north side and was walking to his car in the parking lot when the robber calmly walked up to him. The manager had a bag with $25,000 in cash and was on his way to the bank.

The robber was wearing a black Stripes shirt under his hoodie, the same type of Stripes shirt that the workers at these stores wear. Police are trying to figure out whether he was an ex-employee or maybe a relative of a current Stripes employee. They don't have an idea who this guy is.

After the man took the money, he calmly walked across a lot to where his getaway car was parked next door at a bank.

If you know anything about who the robber is, call Harlingen police at 956-425-8477.

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