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Police Raid Wrong House in Robbery Case

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Posted: Jun 20, 2013 6:30 PM

Updated: Jun 21, 2013 12:34 AM

HIDALGO COUNTY - An Indian Hills family is outraged after San Juan police officers and SWAT members stormed their home Wednesday.

The officers arrested three people after the raid.

San Juan police officials said they received a tip that suspects linked to an armed robbery at a pawn shop were hiding in the house.

On Thursday, they said the raid was based on wrong information. The people arrested were not implicated in the crime, they said.

The family said their young girls were traumatized as their mother was arrested in front of them. The mother, Melissa Montelongo, said police ransacked the house.

Montelongo said she knows police officers must do their jobs. Still, what they did at her house is wrong, she said.

"Guns go off all the time. Innocent people get hurt. You go in there, to the wrong house full of kids. What if one of the guns would have gone off and somebody would have been injured over some stupidity? Over what ... somebody that calls and gave you wrong information?" Montelongo said.

"I understand if they come and they knock on your door and they tell you ... ‘can we take you in for questioning?' All they had to do was come and ask me," Montelongo said.

Officers arrested Montelongo's sister and her sister's boyfriend in a car a few blocks away from the home.

San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said the family can file a complaint. He said the department will investigate whether officers did anything wrong.

In the meantime, the family is trying to cope with the emotional trauma and the destruction at their home.

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