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Progreso ISD Board Members Absent from Meetings

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Posted: May 1, 2014 8:05 PM

Updated: May 1, 2014 8:06 PM

PROGRESO - The Texas Education Agency ordered that two conservators watch over the Progreso Independent School District board members when they make important decisions. That, however, is not possible if the board members don't show up for meetings.

"Progreso has been on the news so much, we are tired of it. We want it fixed," Progreso Resident Diana Sanroman said.

Sanroman said not much has changed since she graduated 20 years ago.

Sanroma said she is not surprised, but she is disappointed that board members she voted for did not show up at the past two meetings.

"The fact that some of them aren't here ... it hurts the school. I heard there are programs suffering because of it. It's not fair to the kids," she said.

The rumors Sanroman heard are true.

"This is a great impact on the operations of our schools," PISD Superintendent Fernando Castillo said.

Without board members, the school can't make day-to-day decisions, Castillo said.

"For one, the light bill ... and items like milk," Castillo said.

Bills aren't the only things waiting for a vote from board members. Approval for construction on the science building and termination of staff are still on the table.

"We cannot hire people or remove people we need to remove," Castillo said.

So, where are the board members?

"They are here. I see them around town. Maybe they have other things to do," Castillo said.

Gene Acuna from the TEA also is disappointed.

"It remains troubling that the school board is not meeting regularly and meeting their obligations," Acuna said.

"The TEA is keeping a very close eye on Progreso. If any further action needs to be taken, we will take that action," Acuna said.

Castillo said he did get permission to pay the utility bills to keep the lights on.

TEA officials have the power to step in and remove the board members.

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