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Rain Worries Colonia Residents

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Posted: Nov 12, 2012 6:45 PM

Updated: Nov 12, 2012 7:43 PM

HIDALGO COUNTY - The possibility of rain has residents on edge at a colonia between Edinburg and Edcouch.

The problem is caused by a ditch near their homes, Bar Three colonia residents said. The ditch was full of dirt, but crews cleared part of it leaving behind a big hole where water can collect.

Rain brings worries for Oscar Salazar.

"Every time it rains, we get flooded," he said.

"We get about 2 feet of water and the water goes inside the houses," he said.

Floodwaters have damaged the inside and outside of the house, Oscar Salazar said. The colonia is at Mile 4 West and Houston Road.

His wife said floodwaters have caused mold in their walls. She said the water also brings leeches into their home.

Standing water also makes it hard for Salazar's children when they go to school

"My dad would put bags on our feet so we could walk to the bus," Michael Salazar said.

Oscar Salazar said their house is not leveled anymore.

The rain also is eroding their spirits, he said.

"My mom cried the first time it got ugly," Michael Salazar said.

The couple worked as migrants for years to save the money to buy their home.

"I bought here because it was cheap," Oscar Salazar said.

"The dog drank some of the water ... it was contaminated and his stomach exploded," Michael Salazar said.

Oscar Salazar said a ditch full of trash adds to the flood problem.

"It needs to be cleaned," he said.

He said water collects there, overflows and runs into their homes.

Michael Salazar said at one point they had to move out of the house and into a trailer.

The family called the county, but workers showed up after the damage was done, they said.

"We don't need pumps, we need something for drainage," Oscar Salazar said.

He said the county told him the ditch is not their problem. Bar Three is in Hidalgo County Precinct 1.

Commissioner Joel Quintanilla was not available for comment.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the county is supposed to get federal funds to fix drainage issues, but the money is not available yet.

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