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Report Debunks Explanation behind Mass Exodus from Central America

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Posted: Jul 21, 2014 6:23 PM

Updated: Jul 21, 2014 6:36 PM

WESLACO - A new intelligence report reveals more information about the recent wave of immigrants crossing illegally into the United States.

The report also sheds some light into the possible motive behind the illegal crossings.

Officials have said illegal immigrants from Central America are crossing the border to flee violence in their countries. The report, on the other hand, states that most of those people are here to reunite with their families and better themselves financially.

A federal agency interviewed 230 immigrants. Two hundred and nineteen of those said they came to the United States because of they were told they would get permits to stay in the country.

The permits in reality are notices to appear. Illegal immigrants are being released at bus stations with notices to appear in immigration court. They also receive a permit to travel to cities where they will stay with relatives or sponsors until the court hearing.

The recently released report states that violence is not the main reason people are leaving Central America. The report states that violence has been declining in that region since 2011.

The report explains that news media in Central America claims the U.S. government is issuing permits for those who make it across the border. The permits are supposedly being issued until the end of July.

The number of Central Americans crossing illegally through the Rio Grande Valley decreased in July.

The report also states that cartels are involved in the mass migration north.

According to the report, the majority of people crossing illegally were told to come by family members in the United States. They were introduced to their smuggler by that family member.

The report reiterates that the American Dream isn't an escape from violence, but rather a hope to reunite with families and pursue economic rewards.

The report also notes that gang members are trying to sneak into the country. It says children as young as 10 join Central American gangs, like MS-13.

In a different report, the FBI says murder is the way to join the gang. That means some of the children entering the United States illegally have a very violent past.

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