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Rescuers in India dig for survivors in building collapse...Some in Pakistan still waiting for quake aid

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Posted: Sep 27, 2013 2:55 AM

Updated: Sep 27, 2013 2:55 AM

MUMBAI, India (AP) Rescuers are working furiously in Mumbai to reach people they believe are trapped in the rubble of a collapsed residential building in India's financial capital. At least two people were killed and 12 people have been pulled out alive so far. Several Mumbai buildings have collapsed this year. Demand plus pervasive corruption often result in cut corners in construction.

DALBEEDI, Pakistan (AP) Some people in Pakistan's most impoverished province say aid has yet to make an appearance days after a massive, magnitude 7.7 earthquake. A man in one village says the only help so far is a truckload of aid sent by relatives in Karachi. So far, the death toll has reached 355. Baluchistan's lack of infrastructure such as decent roads has hampered relief efforts.

STOCKHOLM (AP) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change uses the strongest words yet in its latest assessment on the state of the climate system. The panel now says it's "extremely likely" that human activity has been the dominant cause of global warming since 1950. The last assessment in 2007 used the words, "very likely." The full report comes out Monday.

WASHINGTON (AP) There's still disagreement and infighting in Congress over a temporary spending measure to avoid a partial government shutdown. The Democrat-led Senate is preparing to pass a measure today but House Republicans are saying no to a measure stripped of a provision to defund the health care overhaul. The brinksmanship could push the struggle beyond the weekend.

LAS VEGAS (AP) In some gambling circles, slot machines have a reputation as "day care for the elderly," but manufacturers are looking to change that by capitalizing on 50-somethings who were the teenage video gamers of the 1980s. Slot machine manufacturers are rolling out a raft of games inspired by the old penny arcade games which combine the usual luck factor with an element of skill that can affect the outcome.

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