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Resident Worried Rural Cameron County Home Not Protected From Fire

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Posted: Feb 3, 2012 4:44 PM

Updated: Feb 3, 2012 4:49 PM

RIO HONDO - Firefighters near Rio Hondo are working to put out what's left of a massive warehouse fire.

Crews are still on scene just east of Rio Hondo on Friday afternoon, which means road closures if you're driving near this part of Cameron County. A stretch of FM 106 remains closed between North Olmito Road and Las Yecasa.

It has been a long afternoon for firefighters. The hardest part isn't fighting the flames, it's getting water to the scene.

Raymond Gutierrez and his family are looking on as crews fight the flames. He fears his rural Cameron County home isn't protected. The closest fire department is too far away right now.

"The nearest one is Rio Hondo. Sometimes they take 20, 30 minutes to get out here. There's a school right here with no fire hydrant whatsoever," says Gutierrez.

Rio Hondo firefighters know it's an uphill battle for them. Out here, water is hard to come by. The lack of it delays response time.

"The access to it, initially our trucks were having to go five miles to the nearest hydrant, which delays our capabilities of putting this fire out," says Rio Hondo fire Chief Arnold Sanchez.

Sanchez' solution is two portable water tanks. Each holds 2,100 gallons of precious water.

"These tanks are deployed when there's no static water supply," says Sanchez.

The tanks offer some hope for weary crews already facing a huge task.

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