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Residents Question President's Reluctance to Visit the Valley

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Posted: Jul 9, 2014 6:33 PM

Updated: Jul 9, 2014 6:46 PM

McALLEN - Rio Grande Valley residents are questioning President Obama's decision not to visit the border during his trip to Texas.

Monica Weisberg-Stewart, with the Texas Border Coalition, said it was disappointing to find out that the president would not visit the region. She lobbies in Washington for immigration reform.

"Being in Texas and seeing an issue firsthand, a catastrophic issue ... a short flight from Dallas, would be just very nice to see him see this situation firsthand," Weisberg-Stewart said.

"It's very different hearing about it and seeing it. It gives you a whole different feel and touch ... understanding to this complex issue," she said.

Weisberg-Stewart said she wants to see more attention going to immigration reform and building faster processing at the ports of entry. She said that is the real solution to the current immigration problem.

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