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Rio Grande City Police See a Decline in Illegal Border Crossings

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Posted: Jul 25, 2014 4:11 PM

Updated: Jul 25, 2014 6:23 PM

RIO GRANDE CITY - Rio Grande City police officers are noticing a decline in the number of families crossing the border illegally.

The agency says they are seeing men crossing more often than families.

Police, however, are staying busy.

RGC police stepped up to help U.S. Border Patrol agents with the increase in illegal immigrants by helping detain them until agents arrive. Now it's a different scenario.

Rio Grande City Assistant Police Chief Noe Castillo has noticed a decline in women and children crossing illegally.

"It's not as much as it was a few weeks ago with the family groups," Castillo said. "I haven't heard of that many coming across here."

The department is seeing single men crossing illegally. Castillo says their ages range from 18 to 45. He says they are running away from his officers instead of surrendering.

He says the families may just be crossing in other places.

It's a scene Maria Hernandez says happens right in the yard of her business.
Hernandez's business sits in the heart of Rio Grande City. She says the men end up waiting there.

"Maybe about once a week, on a regular basis, we find clothes and socks," Hernandez said.

She said they damage her yard. One bush is an example. Hernandez said they wait until a smuggler comes and picks them up.

"There's a hole there because it is what they use to cross," Hernandez said. "They use it as a cover up, but they also use it to change. They leave there clothes there. They go across the street and continue on there way."

Castillo says it may be too early to tell what this means.

"Is it a coincidence or is it something that is occurring that is new? I don't know," said Castillo.

He says all his department can do is wait it out.

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