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San Antonio Mayor Motivates Hispanic Democrats

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Posted: Sep 4, 2012 9:57 PM

Updated: Sep 4, 2012 10:20 PM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro on Tuesday became the first Hispanic to deliver a keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

Castro introduced First Lady Michelle Obama. Some Hispanics consider that a giant leap.

"I'm extremely excited! I don't think I have been more proud of being from San Antonio," said Bexar County alternate delegate Sylvia Ramos.

"Mayor Castro doesn't only have Hispanic support. He has the black folks, corporate America, he has labor because he does the right thing," Ramos said.

Democrats consider Castro their party's answer to moving into the center of the political arena.

"He keeps a positive attitude and a positive momentum in terms of talking to the community and every time he speaks in public. He did the same exact thing at our state party," said Robert Chanes. The young Rio Grande Valley delegate worked in Castro's mayoral campaign in 2009.

"Having young Latinos and young people across the country, hearing him speak about what he wants to bring to this country, what he hopes to address is going to energize them and encourage them to be more engaged, more active," Chanes said.

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