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South Texas Literacy Coalition

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Posted: Nov 9, 2012 7:58 AM

Updated: Nov 12, 2012 12:18 PM

Region One GEAR UP says it's the help of organizations like the South Texas Literacy Coalition that has made them a success.

Dr. Ida Acuna Garza runs the South Texas Literacy Coalition and is thrilled to be a Region One GEAR UP partner.

She says the big guns in Washington D.C. need to know our students need support in terms of literacy.

"I was just chatting with some of your staff and saying how wonderful it is to have seen the progression of the efforts. I don't believe that the people in Washington have the idea of the obstacles we have to reach out to our community."

Dr. Acuna says a parent's role is just as important.

"I see it in the literacy field in terms of helping parents understand that reading, writing, communication skill,s and problem solving skills need to start way back in early child hood and continue being supportive because at the time that you pick up the children in GEAR UP that's the hardest time when parents start dropping out of the involvement and they need to get back in and you've done a wonderful job of being able to do that."

Dr. Acuna says it's a win-win situation when everyone falls in love with reading.

"It's mutually beneficial to both of us because we are promoting reading, writing, and all of those literacy basic skills to be able to reach academic achievement."

Dr. Acuna says it seems everyone is on board.

"It's been great and i know that finally we're moving in this direction and we've caused this momentum to happen and so and now gear up is a household word in the valley and all over south Texas and that is what its going to take to keep that college going culture going and our literacy skills high."

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