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Students Gather for Milestone

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Posted: Oct 26, 2012 9:03 AM

Updated: Oct 26, 2012 9:03 AM

Students are celebrating 13 years of GEAR UP.

On hand to mark the occasion is Dr. Martha Cantu, the vice president for student affairs at UTPA.

"We are here today to celebrate national GEAR UP week. The Region One service center acquired a grant and we are starting with a new cohort of 7th grade students preparing them for college."

Dr. Cantu says without a doubt the GEAR UP program has made a huge impact here in the Valley during the last 13 years.

She says incoming freshman are not who they used to be.

"At the university, we have noticed a difference in students that were in GEAR UP who were very prepared as they entered as entering freshman and a lot of them entering technically as sophomores and juniors because they had earned so many college hours in high school so those students were very prepared and are really being very successful at the university and that's what we want to see with all of our students in the Rio Grande Valley."

Dr. Cantu says schools are on the right track with GEAR UP...
She hopes parents get just as involved at home.

"I would tell parents arm yourself with enough information as you possibly can so that you can guide your child through the process of getting ready for college.

We know that parents that are involved in their child's education are more apt to be successful and that's what every parents they want their child to graduate from college and have successful productive lives."

And that's what GEAR UP is all about getting these kids ready to live responsible and productive lives.

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