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Suspect Wanted in Harlingen Robbery

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Posted: Nov 15, 2012 3:53 PM

Updated: Nov 16, 2012 12:19 AM

HARLINGEN - Investigators are looking for a man who allegedly attacked a store clerk and escaped with hundreds of dollars.

The suspect walked into the Check ‘N Go on Morgan Blvd. and doused the clerk with pepper spray, police said.

"The way he went in, used pepper spray, tied up the victim ... it's the first one that I'm aware of in our area," Harlingen Police Sgt. John Parrish said.

The suspect fled with $1,100, Parrish said.

"The police were coming in as he was running out. The policeman jumped out of the car and started chasing him and he jumped the fence," Sue Soto said. She owns a business next to the store.

Soto said she didn't know what was happening until police arrived.

"I looked and I saw the police car, and then I saw the ambulance, and then I saw policemen going back and forth," Soto said.

Employees at a nearby carwash were surprised with the incident

"It's pretty surprising, especially here in Harlingen. You wouldn't think of something like that at a pretty small city," Juan Monteago said.

"It is frightening, for something (to happen) so close," Soto said.

"It's scary, so we're going to rev up our cameras and make sure we have running video all the time," she said.

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