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Teen Sent to Alternative Camp After Gun Incident in School

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Posted: Aug 28, 2013 9:34 PM

Updated: Aug 29, 2013 12:04 AM

LA JOYA - A second teen implicated in a gun incident at a La Joya school will spend the next 45 days at an alternative campus, the boy's mother said.

The woman said her son got the gun from another student. That student was arrested on cocaine possession charges later that same day. The incidents happened on Monday, the first day of classes.

The woman said her son thought the pistol was a BB gun. The mother said even she wasn't sure it was a firearm until police told her.

The teen arrested on cocaine charges had stolen the .22-caliber pistol from his aunt. Police said the teen intended to sell the firearm at the middle school.

The woman said her youngest child found the pistol.

"My little one found the gun hidden under a pillow and said, ‘mom, look what I found,'" the woman said.

"When this happened, I got on the phone and called the school and asked what was up with this, because there's a gun in my house. You could sense that they were really concerned," she said.

The mother said school officials called police.

"The police came over and checked the gun and found out it was loaded. I even called the sheriff's department, because I was still so concerned," she said.

"The gun could have gone off at home or at school. A lot of kids would be in danger," the woman said.

"There's no security in the school, the principal is not paying enough attention," the woman said.

Her son said he will never do it again.

"When they try to give me like a gun or drugs, I will not accept them. (I will) just tell the police that that guy had drugs or a gun," the boy said.

"I will never do anything like this again in my life," the boy said.

The mother said she knew her son would suffer some consequences for his actions.

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