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Twitter Impostor Targets Former Edcouch-Elsa Coach

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Posted: Dec 24, 2012 6:08 PM

Updated: Dec 25, 2012 12:21 AM

WESLACO - One of the Rio Grande Valley's most successful basketball coaches said someone created a Twitter account under his name and began posting obscenity-laden massages.

Former Edcouch-Elsa Coach Robert Capello said someone is trying to tarnish his reputation.

"Sexual innuendos ... bad-mouthing some of the other students," his wife Gloria Capello said.

The impostor posted nearly 100 messages under the coach's name.

"(It's) hard to take. I'm just not made that way," the former coach said.

The veteran educator said he doesn't own a cell phone, let alone a social media account.

"It went over my head. It was difficult to understand (why) anyone would attempt to hurt me that way," he said.

He said the attack affects his entire family.

"I'm a fighter, and I don't put up with that kind of stuff. ... We're going to take it to the end. Whoever is responsible, they better understand that we're on their trail," his wife said.

Gloria Capello said she learned about the Twitter account two weeks ago.

"Someone had stolen his name ... used his picture from the school website," she said.

She said reports were filed with local police and the FBI.

"I broke down. I was devastated that someone would be so malicious and would be so vicious to hurt and humiliate him," Gloria Capello said.

Authorities told her the impostor is committing a cyber crime with every post.

The couple on Monday filed a formal complaint with Twitter.

"It can happen to other people. You just can't sit and fold your hands and say, ‘oh well it's a prank.' It's not a prank. It's a crime," she said.

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