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Valley School Officials React to Connecticut Massacre

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Posted: Dec 14, 2012 6:29 PM

Updated: Dec 14, 2012 8:01 PM

WESLACO - Rio Grande Valley school officials on Friday reacted to a massacre at a school in Connecticut.

The Weslaco Independent School District already was planning methods to teach students about school shootings. The massacre in Connecticut will rush those plans to completion.

WISD Superintendent Dr. Reuben Alejandro said they are working on a video to teach students how to react in case of a shooting. The video is being produced in conjunction with the Weslaco Police Department.

The instructional video will be an addition to the safety measures they have in place.

Alejandro said the district practices lockdowns once a month. The district also has security personnel at every campus and requires all visitors to sign in before entering a school.

The video will be shown at every classroom at every grade level.

"Usually these incidents do not happen with elementary kids, but now all of a sudden we do have elementary kids ... so, obviously, we will have to make sure they see this video and what can potentially happen," Alejandro said.

Alejandro said the video could be graphic, so parents will need to allow their children to see it.

In Mission, school district officials are telling students that they are safe in school.

Mission Consolidated Independent School District Spokesman Craig Verley said older students are aware of what happened in Connecticut, but younger students may not find out until they get home.

Verley said parents should understand that children often take cues in how they react from adults.

"The main thing, as parents, is to make sure that we're being reassuring to the students that they're safe," Verley said.

He said students must be reminded that their schools are safe.

"Help them remember some things about their individual schools that are in place to keep them safe, whether it's how doors are locked, the drills that they do, regarding fire drills or lockdowns, things like that," Verley said.

Verley said parents may want to limit how much news coverage of shootings young children are exposed to on television.

He said school counselors are available to speak with students who may want to discuss the incident.

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