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    April 19, 2014

    Dave Brown serves as a special contributor to CHANNEL 5 Sports and updates his Overtime blog on a regular basis for www.krgv.com/sports.

    There is no three-point line in soccer. A blast past the goalkeeper from long range counts the same as a rebound in the box or a goal knocked in inadvertently by the opponent. Counting is by ones in soccer. However, if there was a three-point line, the final score in Friday's 4A soccer semi-final would've been Valley View-8, Houston Lee-3. Three of the five goals in the game were driven home from around 40 yards. Lee started the scoring with a long one eight minutes in. Then it was all Valley View. Erik Martinez from beyond the arc. Jose Soto with a powerful rocket that cleared the left post and the keeper. Martinez deep again from almost the identical spot of his first goal.

    The prettiest score of the night wasn't a blast. It was the icing on the cake. A blind bicycle kick from Eder Torres left most of the faithful on hand in Georgetown, and watching the webcast at home, speechless. Chicks dig the long ball, or so we've been told. On this night, we all dug the long ones that screamed into the back of the goal net. Valley View is now one win away from the 4A state championship. The Tigers go for their 27th straight win of the season on Saturday.

    Anyone know how to say "Ocho Cinco" in French? Football's loudest number 85 is back in the game after signing a two-year contract with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. The 36-year old Johnson is a six-time pro bowler in the NFL. But, he hasn't played after his most recent failed tryout with Miami two seasons ago. His attempt was chronicled on "Hard Knocks" on HBO. It also showed why the talented Johnson, who once legally changed his last name to Ocho Cinco, then changed it back again, is a mixed bag for an organization to deal with. In shape, he's an interesting weapon in the wide open offenses on bigger field surfaces that the CFL is known for. The French language is very popular in this Canadian metropolis. How popular will Chad Johnson be?


    April 14, 2014

    There were a number of things that surprised me after the weekend at the Masters. Was it Bubba Watson winning his second green jacket in three years? I loved that he celebrated later Sunday night at the Waffle House. How about the play of 20-year old Jordan Spieth? The Texan was in the hunt to be an upstart winner. My biggest surprise was reading that television ratings for the early rounds were off 40 percent, presumably because Tiger Woods wasn't entered. I know the Tiger factor is huge. But, if you're telling me the masses tuned out on the first of golf's majors because of the absence of one man, that's a crying shame. Either you believe in this thing or you don't. You either buy into the event, the magnolias, amen corner and the rest of it, or you're not really a fan of golf. Not hating. Just saying.

    Has there ever been an NBA season where the team with the league's best record has gone winless against not one, but two teams lower in the conference standings? With Monday's loss at Houston, the Spurs were swept in four games by not only the fourth place Rockets. They also dropped all four regular season games against Oklahoma City. Those two teams pasted eight of 19 overall losses on San Antonio. This could make for some interesting action later in the playoffs. It may also be the reason that the Las Vegas betting favorite to win it all is still the Miami Heat.

    Finally, how nice would it be for the Valley to bring home not one, but two UIL soccer championships this weekend? Local schools have seen their share of state success. Lopez, this year's 5A representative, is a former 4A state champ. Valley View, 4A bound, was a state semi-finalist a year ago. The way the Tigers have been mauling teams in the post-season has to make folks wonder if this isn't a champion in wait. If both teams could bring home the hardware, the Valley would have even more state soccer laurels to celebrate. Here's hoping for that.


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