Request Copy of Story

Who do I talk to about getting a copy of a story from the newscast?
Contact Michelle Rubio in the newsroom at (956) 631-5555 ext. 5561

Can I get a copy of a story from last week? Last month? Last year?
Yes, most stories are archived in our news library. But all requests must be approved by the news director.

Anyone requesting a copy of a story must sign a waiver, which states the person won't use the video for any court purposes.

If a news story is being requested for court purposes, a subpoena is required, along with a signed release form.

Note: We do not release any stories regarding accidents, fire, the court system, etc.

How much does a copy cost?

Do I have to provide the DVD or VHS for the copy?
No, the DVD is included in the cost.

Can I get video e-mailed to me?

Can I get a copy of an entire newscast?
No, we do not provide copies of entire newscasts.

How can I get a copy of raw video?
We do not provide any raw video.

How long does it take to get a copy made?
It takes around two weeks.