PSJA Students See Benefit in Radio, TV Class

One of the perks of being a GEAR UP student is participating in numerous clubs that could impact their futures.

Some PSJA GEAR UP students are learning how to say lights, camera, action.

It’s the radio and television class at PSJA Southwest Early College High School and the students can’t get enough of it. “Here, we work a lot with cameras. We go out and make stories, make some commercials. We also help out other clubs to promote the things they are doing,” Sergio Avendano said.

“I’m strong in the camera because I know all parts of the camera and I know the composition. The shots, the wide shots, extreme close-ups and I love editing,” Jackalyna Martinis said.

The students love every aspect of it. In fact, one of the GEAR UP students said his experiences in the class may help him pay for college. “Well because, you know, in real life anything can happen right? So like if you know how to do this kind of stuff, you can like promote yourself, maybe help out in college. Promote for the school as a whole, promote the clubs or use it as an extra thing to get more income for college because it’s pretty expensive,” Avendano said.

Most of them said it’s the GEAR UP program that’s given them the confidence to look to the future and get that college degree.

“GEAR UP has been great. GEAR UP has helped me a lot in what happens with college. And it’s taught me more about college and where I want to go and the career pathways I want to do,” Eric Herrera said.

Herrera said Cal Arts is where he’s headed and it’s the GEAR UP radio and television class that inspired him. “It’s an art school. Animation is one of my passions right now and I love animating. I love drawing and making my drawings come to life,” he said.

The art school-bound student offered some advice for the new GEAR UP students. “I would advise the lower classmen to take as much college classes and AP courses,” Herrera said. “Because it helps them out with their rank and their GPA gets higher. That is what companies are looking for and universities too.”

And one last thing he wanted to add, “YOLO.”