Math Teacher Receives Master’s from Harvard

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EDINBURG- A math teacher from Edinburg North High School recently earned his master’s degree from Harvard University. Julio Tobias said he couldn’t believe his accomplishment.

“When they first proposed the idea of getting my master’s at Harvard, it was one of those, no that's not for me,” he said. “That's way up there.”

A couple of colleagues encouraged Tobias to apply to the prestigious university.

“I got accepted,” he said. “I’m excited that I took that opportunity. It was a challenging opportunity, but it was well worth it.”

It took Tobias three years to complete his master’s at Harvard University.

“We did a couple of courses during the summer,” he said. “We would actually go to Harvard and meet the residency requirements. And during the school year, we would take online courses.”

For Tobias, getting his master’s from an Ivy League was not about the prestige. He said he did it for the students.

“The program is targeted towards high school and middle school teachers,” he said. “They're teaching you, not just upper level math, but they're targeting towards high school curriculum.”