Photographer's Perspective: Encountering Emotional Stories

Posted: Jan 17, 2016 10:10 PM Updated:

LOS FRESNOS - Photojournalist Carlos Mendoza recounted the time he met a woman who lost her home just days before Christmas.

Virginia Escobar spoke to CHANNEL 5 NEWS in December. Photojournalist Carlos Mendoza says he saw the damage as soon as he got to the scene.

"The fire took basically everything that makes the holidays a very special season. She lost the gifts, the food she was preparing to have for the family. They were going to celebrate Christmas in that house, and, unfortunately, everything was lost," Mendoza said.

He explained Escobar was able to salvage a box of ashes of her husband who passed away four months ago. He said it was a very painful story and something he didn't expect to go through.

Investigators ruled the fire as accidental.