Foundation Problems Delay SpaceX Launch

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BROWNSVILLE- The countdown is on to launch the first rocket in the Rio Grande Valley. Construction on SpaceX’s new launch site at Boca Chica Beach is well underway. They have to fix the soil that will hold the launch pad, first.

There is not much out at SpaceX’s new launch site, just a few men and a bulldozer. People wait patiently for the first blastoff.

Down the road, The Schumann family lives in Boca Chica Village. They’re Winter Texans. Soon they’ll sell their home and give up the long drive from the north.

Edward Schumann said it’s time to sell.

“If there is SpaceX out here, there’s interest out here,” he said. “SpaceX may not buy it, but somebody interest in watching SpaceX, working for them may be interested.”

The Schumanns hope they will still be in the area for the first SpaceX launch.

At the SpaceX site, truckloads of new soil will be dumped. Currently, the ground is not stable enough to hold the complex. The added dirt will stabilize the ground.

SpaceX sent this statement to CHANNEL 5 NEWS:

"The new soil will be more suitable for supporting the foundations of the launch complex structures than the native clay sand. In addition, SpaceX will ensure that no non-native species will be accidentally dumped to the area."

At least 310,000 cubic yards of new soil will be added.

The Schumanns created memories in their home for more than a decade. Kathy Schumann said she hopes to create one more.

“I would love to see that first launch,” she said.

SpaceX’s first launch was set for 2017. The company said the launch site won’t be complete until 2017. They anticipate their first launch in 2018.