Big Birthday Bash at Little Graceland

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LOS FRESNOS - January 8 was Elvis Presley's 81st birthday. As they do every year, Little Graceland in Los Fresnos held a big birthday bash with the Annual Elvis Festival.

Simon Vega is the man behind the festival. He named his home Little Graceland and even built a museum full of Elvis memorabilia, which includes photos of him and his wife with Elvis.

"I met him in the service, in the Army,” said Vega. “We were together in Germany. And I met him there, and we become good friends."

This is the 23rd year for the festival, and each year, the crowds get bigger. Several Elvis impersonators were at the event. One of them was Danny Lee.

He said, “I was born on Elvis' birthday, and I was also born on the year that Elvis passed away. I'm very honored to be impersonating the greatest entertainer that ever lived."

Volunteers are needed in order to make the event happen. Ramon “Rey” Ortiz said he’ll continue to help out “as long as I'm able to get out of bed and God gives me life and good health."

Melba Riva is another volunteer. "Mr. Vega was my social studies teacher at the middle school,” she told us.

A television crew from “The Texas Bucket List” was also at the event. Creator and host Shane McAuliffe said, “When we found out they had an Elvis festival here in Little Graceland, it was the first thing I wanted to come cover for the Texas Bucket List, simply because I'm a huge fan of Elvis."

Matthew Linguist, another member of the television crew, toured Vega’s museum. He said, “This is a fantastic collection. It's completely one of a kind."

Elvis’ legacy lives on, and it lives in Los Fresnos.

"There will never be another Elvis,” said Vega.

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