Harvard Graduate Teacher Helps Inspire Students

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EDINBURG- An Algebra teacher from Edinburg North High School said graduating was a dream come true for him. Now, he’s using his dream to inspire his students.

“When they first proposed the idea of getting my master’s at Harvard, it was one of those, no that's not for me,” he said. “That's way up there.”

Julio Tobias took three years to complete his master’s from the Ivy League university. The math teacher can now teach dual-enrollment courses at the high school.

“Hopefully, everything I learned from Harvard, the experience and the knowledge, I can apply it to my students,” Tobias said. “Help them have a better understanding, better idea of what college is going to be like, the rigor behind it.”

Tobias said he hopes he serves as a good example for those students who believe they may not be good enough for a top-notch university.

“This idea we are so secluded in the Valley, that everything outside is just too hard, most of my students when they hear that I graduated from Harvard... it seems like something impossible,” he said.

Tobias said the idea that anything is possible is something he learned at home.     

“It's a big deal,” Tobias said. “My parents have always pushed for education first. They stopped being migrants. They wanted me to stay in school and finish and do something with my life through school, not through a job.”

Tobias said it was rough for him, but his parents always provided him with what he needed. His parents never let him work in the fields, so he could focus on school.

“Every time they were working, they had me in school, whether it was a summer program or extended after school classes.”

Thanks to Tobias’s parents’ hard work, he is now able to help GEAR UP students get ahead in college and realize their potential.

Tobias said he will be attending commencement exercises at Harvard in May.