Photographer's Perspective: Tracking the Border Beat

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HIDALGO COUNTY- CHANNEL 5 NEWS tracks stories along the border on a daily basis. Photojournalist Andrew Sanchez say he will always remember when he was able to follow Hidalgo County Precinct 3 Constables help patrol the border.

Sanchez says he was near Anzalduas Park and after sun down when authorities began to have their hands full.

"I used a night vision camera as I followed the officer to a higher point. We noticed a group of people who just crossed the border," Sanchez says.

Authorities told CHANNEL 5 NEWS one of the girls was only 15 years old and 8 months pregnant.

"I couldn't begin to imagine her journey into the U.S.," Sanchez said.

Another family cross the border soon after. Sanchez asked how it felt to be in the U.S. after being in so many dangerous situations and traveling so many miles.

The woman said, "I couldn't believe it I'm here. It cost us so much, now we're finally here."

About 2 dozen people were detained that night.