Photographer's Perspective: Bringing You Live Coverage

Posted: Updated: Feb 08, 2016 12:26 AM

WESLACO- Bringing you live images as the news happens is made easier by our CHANNEL 5 NEWS live trucks.

Photojournalist Rick Stewart says it started with the invention of the microwave oven in 1967. Several years later, the live truck was created.

"Powered by a noisy generator, some cables, and compressed air we magically appear on your television each day using technology that you use to heat up yesterday's pizza," Stewart said.

The camera is linked to a series of cables. It sends the video to the top of the mast and sends it out of the transmitter and to our receivers. Provided everything is working right, we have live TV. But there are problems that can occur. Billboards, communication towers, buildings and tall trees between you and the receiver can cause the shot to fail.

The satellite truck can get around those problems. It works much the same as a microwave truck, but the dish sends a signal up into space and to another dish and is received at another dish at the television station. As soon as you turn it on, the meter is running and you are charged by the second. Stewart explained, "I once left it on for 30 minutes. I haven't used it since."

Dejero technology also makes live shots available. Just connect a cable from the portable machine to the camera and you can go live anywhere there is a cell signal. CHANNEL 5 NEWS will continue to look forward to more technology that will help make live shots accessible.